About the Book

A Pocketful of Change

Americans are a generous people, though most don’t have the resources to make large philanthropic gifts. While our gifts may be modest, we want the satisfaction of knowing that they count.

Charitable giving can mean much more than simply responding to requests for donations. You can get your ideas heard, express your values, be creative, and have fun!

If you’d like more guidance for your giving, A Pocketful of Change is for you. With hundreds of examples of how even small gifts can address a problem, change a life, or support an institution, A Pocketful of Change encourages you to give pro-actively, not re-actively, by helping you:

  • Define your giving goals,
  • Identify giving opportunities in line with those goals,
  • Understand how small gifts can – and do – make a big difference,
  • Evaluate a nonprofit’s accountability and reliability, and
  • Learn how to use these tools to make your best giving choices, ensuring that your gifts do the most good for others and for you.

Providing the vital link between checkbook and concern, between pocketbook and passion, A Pocketful of Change offers a new vision of giving for “micro-philanthropists,” and shows you that you don’t have to be wealthy to be a philanthropist!