Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Professional Organizer?

A professional organizer helps individuals, families, and businesses create and maintain personalized systems and spaces that work. An organizer can: 

  • help you decide which possessions and activities to keep in your life and which to release,
  • assist you in creating a place for every object you own,
  • provide support and keep you on task as you create order in your home or office, and
  • offer suggestions for products and services to support your goals.

Your reasons for de-cluttering and organizing your home, workspace, or life are not the same as your neighbor’s. There is no “one system fits all,” as people have different needs, family configurations, work habits, lifestyles, learning styles, preferences, and requirements for the space, task, or project they want to organize or address.

Clearing out clutter and creating new space that meets your most important goals is a big undertaking. Doing so can improve your home, work life, and relationships; reduce your stress, and may even bring added health benefits.

What services do you offer?

Virtual Organizing

Now you can get organized from anywhere! Our first session will begin with an Initial Assessment, usually lasting about 60 minutes. Using a comprehensive questionnaire, we will define your most important goals. Together, we will discuss your space and/or calendar and/or projects to identify and examine your areas of concern. 

You may find that this Initial Assessment is all you need to jumpstart your organizing efforts, and that it provides the impetus you need to begin on your own. Or you may wish to schedule regular or periodic organizing sessions to keep your momentum going.

Virtual organizing may work for you when:

  • You are self-motivated, and can work well between sessions on your own,
  • You need just a “jump-start,”
  • You are comfortable sending photos of your space or project,
  • You prefer short organizing sessions, and/or
  • You have limited funds or time for organizing.

Virtual organizing sessions normally are scheduled for one hour, and can be conducted by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, or What’s App, and are paid at the end of each session (or by prior arrangement) with a check, or credit card via PayPal.


Do you need assistance in organizing your thoughts or materials as you begin your writing project? Or are you close to completion? With more than forty years of experience writing and editing books, dissertations, grant proposals, business plans, and making technical articles accessible to a general readership, I can help you improve the clarity, consistency, and flow of your work. 

Fees for editing services are based on the scope of the project. 

Do you offer a free consultation?

Of course! I’d be pleased to speak with you to determine whether my skills and services are a good match for your needs. 

What if I am embarrassed by my mess? Are you going to make me throw away my stuff?

You initially may feel fear, embarrassment, reluctance, or shame. You may be overwhelmed by the prospect of change, of having to deal with all the clutter that surrounds you. Please be assured that I will be patient and respectful, and that I will keep our work together completely confidential. We always move at your pace. And no, you never are required to throw away anything you really want to keep – the choice is always yours.

I’m overscheduled all the time. Can you help me if my main challenge is time management?

Challenges with space, clutter, and time are closely interwoven. If you are constantly looking for your phone or a critical document, are often stressed about being late, or wish you didn’t have so many social or volunteer commitments, you are spending time and energy that could be better spent in more important and enjoyable pursuits. If you often feel overwhelmed by busyness, I offer support as you pare down your “stuff” to make your daily routine more manageable and your life simpler. If time management is your top concern, I will assist you to determine your key priorities and goals, then help you create a plan to allow you to spend the majority of your time on the people, places, and things most meaningful to you.

How long will it take to get organized?

As you might imagine, it depends. If having too much stuff or too many commitments has been a long-standing challenge for you, it may take several sessions not only to work through the clutter or time management issues, but for me to teach you new skills and for you to develop new habits. If you recently have become overwhelmed because of a life transition, such as moving, marriage, having a baby, retiring, the loss of a loved one, or starting a new job, you just may want some help to get things and routines back into place.

You may need a whole house or office makeover, or require help in just one room or area. In all cases, one main criterion is how quickly you can make decisions: about what to keep, what to donate, what to toss, what to sell, and what to give to friends or family.

Being organized is an ongoing process. Once I help you create systems that work for you, you then will want to allocate regular time to maintain the systems – on your own, or with periodic check-ins by phone or text.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session will be billed for the entire session, except in case of illness or emergency.

What outcomes can I expect from getting organized?

The benefits of being organized are beyond what you can imagine! In making an investment in bringing order to your home, workplace, or life, many report these advantages:

  • Saving time and energy looking for misplaced items
  • Creating a sense of calm and serenity
  • “Letting go of fear that keeps me holding onto things”
  • Taking much less time to clean the house
  • “Less depressed – much more cheerful when I wake up
    and see how beautiful my room looks!”
  • “Finally getting a grasp on my financial life and future”
  • “Helped me identify and address things that just weren’t working”
  • “More time for the things I really want to do and the people
    I really want to spend time with”
  • “I’m ready to let go of feeling helpless and out of control”
  • Making space for new people, places, and things to come into your life
  • “Much more productive and efficient at work”
  • “Streamlined systems – now things work!”

Plus, we’ve often seen that when one member of a household or organization starts getting organized, others follow suit even without prompting – it’s inspiring!