Life Challenges

Life Challenges

Challenges with space, clutter, and time are closely interwoven. Learn how to determine your key priorities and goals, then create a plan to allow you to spend the majority of your time on the people, places, and things that matter most.

Life Transition

A new job or the loss of a job, marriage, divorce, or widowhood, a new baby or your “baby” leaving home for college, moving into your first home or downsizing, caring for aging parents – any of these transitions, whether expected or not, can wreak havoc on your household routines. “When will things get back to normal?” you might wonder. I will help you meet the challenge of your new situation by helping you create systems for a “new normal.”

Decisions About Charitable Giving

You are solicited year-round by numerous charities, but are unsure of which – if any – to support. How can you evaluate these requests, decide how much to give, and be sure where your money goes? Learn how to give pro-actively by creating a Charitable Giving Plan. Your donations – of any size – can make a difference, for you as well as the recipient. Or see my new book: A Pocketful of Change.

Overscheduling/Time Management

Too much to do in too little time? Too much caffeine and not enough sleep? Constant work and no play? Is the busyness of your life preventing you from fully enjoying the people, places, and things you love? You’re not alone. Effective time management is a fundamental skill that most of us were never taught. Let me guide you in taking a realistic look at your life as it is, and in creating a life of serenity, efficiency, and balance.

Writing Projects

How are you supposed to complete your thesis or dissertation when you can’t find your notes? How about your novel? You might need a gentle push, or you might need a plan. As an experienced editor, I will guide you through a step-by-step process to help you overcome reluctance, fear, procrastination, and paralyzing perfectionism. Let me help you find your voice and get your writing project finished.

Reluctance to Deal With Money

It’s not true that you can’t deal with money; many of us just don’t want to. With more than twenty years of experience teaching financial literacy to women, I can show you how to: set realistic financial goals; overcome fear or dislike of money; communicate effectively with financial professionals; and become more confident about and competent at managing your money. You will not be asked to reveal personal financial informationI will teach you the skills you need to take charge of your own financial future.