2020 Workshops

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Mindful Charitable Giving

In these challenging times, many of us feel that we have less to share – but the critical needs in our community and in the world continue to grow.

  • Are you being solicited by numerous charities but are unsure of which – if any – to support?
  • How can you evaluate these requests, decide how much to give, and be sure where your money goes?
  • And how can you comfortably say “no” to those charities you don’t wish to support?

Organizing your charitable giving can help you address these questions.  Learn how you can give pro-actively, not reactively, by creating a Charitable Giving Plan, which will help you define and give focus to your giving goals. Discover how your donations – of any size – can help change a life, solve a problem, or support an institution important to you, both now and year-round.

TIME: 60 to 90 minutes
FOR: General audiences, religious congregations, business groups

Wading Through the Paper Mess

  • Tax time is here – are your records in order?
  • Are you drowning in catalogs, magazines, and other mail?
  • Can you find the warranty card for your overflowing washer?

Learn a quick and easy system for reducing the height of your paper stacks, and preventing new ones, at this hands-on workshop, led by professional organizer Gail R. Shapiro. Bring a large pile of papers, which will be organized by the time you leave.

TIME: 90 minutes
FOR: General or business audiences

Less Mess = Less Stress

An organized, efficient, and balanced life means having exactly what you need – no more, no less – where and when you need it. Find out:

  • The five essential elements you need to get started
  • The hidden meaning of your clutter
  • How to live in harmony with your possessions
  • How being organized in a way that meets your unique style can improve your home, work, relationships, productivity, creativity, and well-being

TIME: 60 to 75 minutes
FOR: General or business audiences